Water & Sewer Department

August 2016
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The Water & Sewer Department is located at:IMG_9311_
151 Jefferson Street
Carlyle, IL 62231

Office Number: 618.594.3321
Fax Number: 618.594.7615

Water Distribution Foreman:
Joe Behrman

Water Production Foreman:
Andy Wennerstrom

Carlyle Water Department

The Kaskaskia River and Carlyle Lake serve as sources of Carlyle’s water supply. A new water treatment plant was completed in 1996 which will supply the water needs of Carlyle residents, commerce, and industry, in addition to several surrounding water districts, well into the Twenty-First Century. In addition to Carlyle residents, our water plant serves approximately 8,500 additional users in surrounding community, bringing our total customer base to approximately 12,000. City 014

Storage capacity at the City water plant is presently two million gallons (2MGD). The City is currently undertaking a plan that will allow the plant to produce three million gallons per day (3MGD). The state-of-the-art water treatment plant can easily be expanded to meet the needs of any large volume users who may locate in Carlyle. As of October 2005, the City has entered into a loan with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to construct an additional filtration system that will further enhance the ability of the water plant to filter particulates from Carlyle’s potable water.

Current water rates for Carlyle residents are charged as follows:

Unit Water Charge / Month
3/4 inch meter $23.32
1 inch meter $44.23
1 1/2 inch meter $58.63
2 inch meter $73.03
3 inch meter $94.63
4 inch + meter $123.43
First 10,000 gallons $2.688 / 1,000 gallons
Over 10,000 gallons $2.247 / 1,000 gallons


Carlyle Sewer Department

The City currently maintains an aerated lagoon sewer system which has a capacity of 709,000 gallons per day. Property has been acquired for expansion of the city’s wastewater treatment facilities to meet anticipated future needs.

Current sewer rates for Carlyle residents are charged as follows:

Unit Sewer Charge / Month
First 2,000 gallons $26.25
Subsequent 1,000 $2.10 / 1,000 gallons


Water Quality Report

The City of Carlyle Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is intended to provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made by the Carlyle water system to provided safe drinking water.

For more information regarding this report contact: Andrew Wennerstrom at 618.594.3321
Follow the link below to see a copy of the current report and past reports.

East Water TowerCity 021

In December of 2014 the East Water Tower was removed.
Follow the link below to find a series of pictures that captures the process.