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Statement of Financial Position

The Statement of Financial Position is prepared monthly by the City Treasurer, Chad Holthaus, and Office Financial Clerk, Staci Dannaman. They prepare this report to reconcile the fund balances maintained by the City of Carlyle and the account balances held by various financial institutions.  For the purpose of this report, bank accounts are either classified as General Fund accounts or Non-General Fund accounts.  The sum of all General Fund bank accounts must equal the sum of all City Funds balances.  Non-General Fund accounts have specific purposes and are maintained separately from General Fund bank accounts and City Funds balances.

Current & Past Reports

Annual Financial Report

The Annual Financial Report is completed by Glass and Shuffett.  These Certified Public Accountants have audited accompanying financial statements of governmental activities, business-type activities, each major fund and the aggregate remaining fund information of the City of Carlyle, Illinois as of and for the fiscal year.

Current & Past Reports

Budget Appropriation

The City of Carlyle has a yearly budget appropriation. The City of Carlyle appropriates funds in order to delegate cash for the necessities of its business operations.

Current & Past Appropriations

Prevailing Wage

Under the Prevailing Wage Act, municipalities are required to pay laborers, mechanics and other workers that are employed by or engaged in the construction or maintenance of public works at least the generally prevailing local wage rate, as determined annually by the municipality.
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