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September 2016
By Kayla
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Payment Service Network

We use Payment Service Network to process our online payments.  PSN has been certified as maintaining the highest level of security as required by the credit card industry. If residents have any questions, they can call PSN’s HELP line, toll free at 1-866-917-7368. If you have questions regarding the amount of your bill/fees, call City Hall at 618-594-2468.

To use the PSN service, a convenience fee will be assessed by PSN at the time of payment based on the method of payment utilized. The convenience fees are to offset the costs charged by financial institutions – the City does not receive any revenue from these fees.

For debit or credit card payments, the convenience fee is 3% of the payment cost (plus $0.50 if the payment is under $100).

Payment by check or savings (eCheck) is $1.10

<strong>View Utility Bills Online</strong>

View Utility Bills Online

Click the button below to view your utility bill

By going paperless, you will: Receive an email when your bill is ready & know that it wasn’t lost in the mail. Reduce paper clutter & be green-friendly. Help reduce costs at the City of Carlyle.

You will need to Register in order to view the bill & receive notice when your bills are ready.

<strong>Pay Utility Bills Online</strong>

Pay Utility Bills Online

Click the button below to make an online payment

You can pay immediately, schedule a payment or set up Auto-Pay.

You can also view your utility bill, amount due or payment history. Print receipts & see status of payments as well.

You will need to Register to pay your utility bill online.

<strong>Pay Fees Online</strong>

Pay Fees Online

Click the buttons below to make a one time payment

Please leave a detailed comment in the box provided so that we know where to apply the payment.

Fines & Fees
Parks & Rec
Public Library

<strong>Pay By Phone</strong>

Pay By Phone

Call the numbers below to pay over the phone

To pay your utility bill call:

To pay all other fees call:

For Customer Service call:

<strong>PSN Payments App</strong>

PSN Payments App

Download PSN PAYMENTS from the App Store® or Google Play™

The PSN Payments App is FREE & available for Utility Payments Only.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to Create a PSN Account. To get the account created you will need your City of Carlyle account number that is located on your City bill.