Emergency Services

February 2017
By Kayla
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City of Carlyle Police Department

The Chief of Police, full-time police officers, a K-9 officer, and a full-time telecommunicator, staff the Carlyle Police Department at:
2111 West Lake Drive, Carlyle, IL

They provide police protection to the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

For more information on the Carlyle Police Department, please call the non-emergency phone number: 618-594-2488.

Carlyle Police Department 2

Slow Moving Vehicle Permit

The City of Carlyle now permits certain non-highway vehicles on municipal streets and roads and highways under the jurisdiction of the City and sets forth minimum requirements for the operation of such vehicles.

Please visit the link below if interested in obtaining a Slow Moving Vehicle Permit… More Information

Special Needs Registry

The Carlyle Police Department would like to better serve the Autistic/Special Needs community. To further assist this community, we are creating a Special Needs Registry. The Special Needs Registry is a completely voluntary program and is for any individual, of any age, who has a medical condition, or physical or mental disability which would require special assistance in an emergency. Emergencies may include missing persons, medical emergencies, crisis situation, behavioral episode, Alzheimer’s, dementia and/or other interactions where police may be called.

Please visit the link below for more details on this program… More Information

Clinton County Sheriff’s Department

The Clinton County Sheriff has his headquarters in Carlyle, helping to provide safety and security to the City of Carlyle.

The Sheriff can be contacted at the non-emergency number: 618-594-4555

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Paramedic services are provided by MedStar Ambulance, Inc., which has a centrally located station in Carlyle at the corner of Franklin and 13th streets.

MedStar provides paramedic (ALS) and basic defibrillator (BLS-D) services in Clinton, Randolph and St. Clair counties.

MedStar’s local emergency number is 618-594-2378 or 1-800-426-9281.

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Fire Department

Fire protection in Carlyle is provided jointly by the Carlyle and the Beckemeyer-Wade Fire Protection Districts. The Carlyle FPD is responsible for services in Carlyle Township, while Beckemeyer-Wade is responsible for services in Wade Township. Both districts are served with fully trained volunteer firefighters dedicated to fire protection services in both areas, totaling approximately 50 volunteers.

Carlyle FPD
Chief Eric Nordike

Beckemeyer-Wade FPD
Chief Luke Baker

Fire Department