Bald Eagles

March 2014
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Bald eagles continue to pop up around the area, making Carlyle a good place to visit if wanting to view an enduring symbol of the United States. The range of the bald eagle includes the entire continental United States, Canada, and Alaska. Bald eagles hunt fish, in addition to other animal types, and are attracted to areas where fish can be found. As such, the Carlyle Lake area makes sense as a location where migrating eagles would visit. In the Carlyle area, there are several places where eagles may be found and viewed at any one of the 5 watchable viewing towers.

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Those locations include the following, among other places:

1. The General Dean Bridge area at the east end of Carlyle. Here, there is ample parking on both sides of the Kaskaskia River, and if the River is not flooding, trails are located on both the west and east banks between the Bridge and the Lake Dam.

2. On the main portion of Carlyle Lake, especially if the Lake has experienced freezing. Near Carlyle, the Dam West Boat Ramp parking lot, picnic area, and the top of the Dam are all places where one has an open view of the Lake.

3. The Coles Creek area, accessible at the Elmwood, Grasher Creek, and Maple Grove accesses.

4. The North Fork and East Fork areas along the east side of Carlyle Lake north of Boulder. There are several accesses and parking areas at these locations where people may begin their search.

5. The Tamalco Access, located on the west side of Carlyle Lake north of Keyesport. Here, one will also find parking and, depending upon the Lake level, a boat ramp with open views of the Lake.

Experienced wildlife watchers may be excited to know that Carlyle, bald eagle encounters can occur even when you are not searching for sightings.

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To learn more about bald eagle viewing at Carlyle and Carlyle Lake, please call the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at (618) 594-2484.