Slow Moving Vehicle Permit

November 2014
By Kayla
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The City of Carlyle now permits certain non-highway vehicles on municipal streets and roads and highways under the jurisdiction of the City and sets forth minimum requirements for the operation of such vehicles.

If interested in obtaining a Slow Moving Vehicle Permit please read the following Ordinances to better understand all of the requirements and guidelines.

In order to use Golf Carts & Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles the following procedure must be followed to obtain a permit:

-Fill out the following application… Slow Moving Vehicle Application

-Take the vehicle & application to Gebke Brothers for inspection

-Bring the finalized application, signed by the Gebke inspector, and the vehicle to City Hall.  You may drive the vehicle here as long as you are submitting the application.

-At City Hall you will submit the application, pay the $35 fee, and provide proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license.

-After all the requirements have been met the City Hall Clerk will attach the sticker to the vehicle.

-The permit is good for one year and must be renewed annually.


Be sure to be aware of the designated intersections where the
Slow Moving Vehicles are allowed to cross:

18th & Franklin
3rd & Franklin
12th & Methodist
12th & Livingston


If you have any questions please call the Carlyle Police Department at 594-2488

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