Trash & Recycling

August 2016
By kaylavoss
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Waste Management

The City has a contract with Waste Management for Trash & Recycling pick up. 

City of Carlyle Route Schedule:
• Trash pickup is on Monday
• Recycling pickup is on Friday

Pickups may run one day behind due to a Holiday.

For questions or for additional information, please contact:
Waste Management: 800.989.2783 or visit their website,

Curbside Recycling

The City’s Curbside Recycling Program began on Friday, October 2, 2009. The program is administered by Waste Management, the same company contracted by the City to pick up your weekly garbage. Please consider the following information and tips on how the program works:

• You will see a $2.86 charge for the program on your monthly utility bill.
If you are exempt from the City’s garbage pickup program, you will also be exempt from recycling.

• Please use the blue or green recycling bins for your recyclables.
If you do not have a bin you can pick one up at City Hall.

• Recyclables will be picked up every Friday. Please place your recycling bins in the same place you set your garbage for pickup.  Containers containing recyclable materials shall not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Recycling Rules

Yard Waste

If notified, Waste Management will also pick up yard waste.
It must be properly prepared and tagged:

• If using bags, use Biodegradable PAPER yard waste bags ONLY (No Plastic Bags) OR, up to 45 gallon trash can

• Bundle limbs 4 inches or less in diameter with natural fiber TWINE (NO WIRE) in bundles up to 4 feet in length by 18″ in diameter

• Yard waste has to have a tag attached.  One tag for each bag, bundle or can
The yard waste tags are available for purchase at City Hall for $2 each

• Each item is not to weigh more than 60 pounds a piece

• Yard waste with trash mixed in WILL NOT BE COLLECTED