Request for Proposals for Construction Services

July 2023
By Kayla
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The City Council of Carlyle, Illinois, is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide comprehensive bids for remodeling of a new City Hall and possible construction of City Council Chambers.

This request for bids requires two price proposals. The first price will consist of a bid to provide internal remodeling a commercial building for the use of a new City Hall. The second part of the bid request will be for the remodel of the commercial building as well as the construction of the proposed addition to become the new City Hall/Council Chambers.

All questions, requests, or correspondence regarding this RFP shall be directed in writing or emailed to:
Brad Myers
City Administrator
City of Carlyle
850 Franklin Street
Carlyle, IL 62231

Please review all sections of this RFP carefully, and follow instructions completely.

City of Carlyle Building Proposed Remodel

Qualifications Submission
Please submit five (5) printed copies and one electronic PDF format copy of the completed qualifications to: Brad Myers, City Administrator, City of Carlyle, 850 Franklin St, Carlyle, IL, 62231

Submittals should be prepared in standard 8-1/2 x 11 format. Provide table of contents page and tabbed divider pages. Facsimile or email responses are not acceptable. Submittals are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on August 22, 20233. Timely delivery is at the risk of the Respondent.