Electric Department

August 2016
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The Electric Department is located at:
501 1st StreetIMG_9308_
Carlyle, IL 62231

Office Number: 618.594.5215
Fax Number: 618.594.5208

Electric Foreman:
John Hodapp

Carlyle Electric Department

Since October 14, 1901, Carlyle has owned and operated its own electrical power plant and distribution system, providing cost-effective and reliable service to all of its customers. As a member of the American Public Power Association (APPA), Carlyle Municipal Electric strives to provide superior, reliable, not-for-profit electricity at a reasonable price while also observing proper environmental protections.

Carlyle has been a partner since 1984 with 39 other Illinois municipalities in the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA) to buy power for its residents. In addition, Carlyle has invested in one Worthington, one Fairbanks, and three EMD engines with an installed total capacity of 14,500KW. Carlyle Electric’s engines are fired up either when asked by IMEA or when the power they supply is interrupted. The City of Carlyle receives capacity credits because of the investment the City has made in these engines. The credits are passed back to Carlyle’s residents and businesses, which cuts the cost of power for all in Carlyle. Carlyle’s current long-term power supply contract with the IMEA extends to year 2035.

For high usage customers, the City of Carlyle offers other rate options which may be beneficial.

Current electricity rates for Carlyle residents are charged as follows:

Category Facility Charge Electricity Charge / Month
Commercial $15.00 / month $0.1145 per KW-HR for first
10,000 KW-HRs
$0.105 per KW-HR over
10,000 KW-HRs
Residential $8.00 / month  

$0.1145 per KW-HR for first
10,000 KW-HRs


Energy Advisor

The City of Carlyle has partnered with Apogee Interactive to bring the citizens of Carlyle an Energy Resource Center. This site will allow customers to input their individual information to try and better understand where their energy dollars are going.EnergyDollars_web

These free online tools are here to help you
find ways to save energy and money.

The Energy Advisor Calculator will provide you with estimates of energy use costs based on your inputs and will allow you to preform energy scenarios to pinpoint your opportunities for savings.

There are also Special Purpose Calculators to help determine where your energy costs are going and how you could possibly start saving money.
>Television Calculator     >Appliance Calculator     >Lighting Calculator

In addition to the calculators you will also be able to find Energy Reference Tools.  These tools help explore energy information and tips for adults & kids.