Hunter Ethics

November 2019
By Kayla
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Hunter Ethics

CARLYLE LAKE – With the fall hunting season underway, we would like to remind all participating outdoorsman to engage in safe and ethical hunting practices. Hunter ethics serve as the foundation for responsible and sustainable hunting. These principles promote respect for wildlife, conservation of ecosystems, and the safety of both hunters and non-hunters.

The act of trespassing is not only illegal but is among the most unethical efforts carried out by hunters each year. Permission must be obtained from the landowner or tenant before a hunter can enter private land. When hunting on public land, it is unlawful to shoot an animal on or across the adjacent private land of another landowner without permission. If a hunter shoots an animal, Illinois law does not grant the right of trespassing for the purpose of retrieving wounded or crippled game without the permission of the landowner. Please be aware of the ownership of land you desire hunting beforehand as to prevent potential issues or confrontations.

Another matter of serious concern is the problem of haphazardly disposing of animal carcasses. Several hunters have harvested animals and then indiscriminately dumped carcasses in creeks, along roadsides and parking lots, and in areas where remains are visible to the public. This act is unethical, illegal on public lands, and senseless.

Now and always, uphold hunter ethics to ensure hunting remains a legitimate and valuable tool for wildlife management, while also fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and our natural resources.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding hunting at Carlyle Lake, please call the Carlyle Lake Project Office at 618-594-2484 or email at