Brush Pick-up

July 2019
By kaylavoss
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Brush Pick-up is a complimentary service the Street Department offers our residents.

  • Residents must call City Hall at 594-2468 to be placed on the pick-up list.
    • If they are not on the list, then the City will not pick up.
  • There is no set date or time for brush pick-up.Branches must be placed on the curb or in the alley and must not obstruct the street, alley or sidewalk.
  • Piles may not be larger than 3’ in height, 4’ in depth, and 10’ in length.
  • Piles must not be less than 2’ in height, 3’ in depth, and 5’ in length.
  • Pickup is for branches only. The following items will not be picked up:
    • Logs greater than 15” in diameter
    • Branches/limbs trimmed by a commercial contractor
    • Grass clippings, leaves, and wood chips
  • Residents may take brush (not cut by a commercial hauler) to the lagoons during the hours of 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Small branches may also be broken up and put into the yard waste bags for pick up by Waste Management

If you have yard waste other than tree branches to dispose of we have yard waste tags available at City Hall.

  • The tags are $2.00 each and must be placed on any biodegradable bag.
  • Once the bag is full, you have to call Waste Management (800.989.2783) to let them know it needs picked up. They normally pickup yard waste bags on Tuesdays.