Carlyle Police Department Fish Dinner

January 2019
By kaylavoss
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April 7, 2023 @ 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Pinball Palace
Carlyle Police Department
Good Friday Drive Thru Fish Dinner
Fish | French Fries | Cole Slaw
Proceeds benefit the Carlyle PD K9 Program

K9 Officer Jet

To make this event run as smoothly as possible, Carlyle PD asks the following:

  • Do not enter Pinball Palace
  • For your convenience and to provide the customers with the upmost health and safety measures, we ask that you remain in your vehicle
  • There will be designated parking spots available in front of Pinball Palace & The Fitness Factory
    • Please only park in these designated spots to place and pick up your carry out order
  • Only 1 – 2 workers will approach your vehicle so please have your window down & ready
    • One worker will take your money & the other will take down your order
    • Your carry out order will then be delivered to your vehicle
  • Please be patient as we do our very best to provide you with your dinners in a timely, safe, and organized fashion