Bretz Wildlife Lodge & Winery

Carlyle is home to the Bretz Wildlife Lodge & Winery, and is also centrally located among thirteen wineries in the Southwestern Illinois region.  Carlyle is a great place to stay if you are planning a trip to visit our region’s wineries. Bretz Wildlife Lodge & Winery is a perfect place for wine sipping, special occasions or a relaxing dinner. Visit Website


Hidden Lake Winery & Banquet Center

Hidden Lake Winery and Banquet Center, located in rural Aviston, IL, is situated in “Silent Forest,” a wooded parcel of land abounding in local lore. The “Silent Forest” continues to enchant and entertain our guests at Hidden Lake Winery. Hidden Lake Winery offers a variety of wines that will satisfy many different palates.The wines are produced with locally-grown fruit and bottled in cellar onsite.
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