Fall Leaf Vacuuming

November 2014
By kaylavoss
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October 20th – December 15th

The City of Carlyle Street & Alley Department has scheduled leaf vacuuming starting
October 20 through December 15, 2014.  Those who wish to have their leaves vacuumed must have them in a row along an East-West Street. Do not put leaves on the street or curb. Leaves should be put along the EDGE of the street or curb no further than 5 feet from the edge of street or curb.

Only residents who live along Franklin Street (Route 50) and 12th Street (Route 127) should put leaves in the alley for pick-up.

To save time and expense to provide this free service, vacuuming will be on EAST-WEST STREETS ONLY. Residents on side streets with NO OTHER ACCESS will be picked up on side streets.

DO NOT place leaves next to obstacles, such as sign posts, trees, hedges, mailboxes, etc. Considerable room is needed to maneuver the machine for pickup. Vehicles need to be away from leaf rows. Do not mix leaves with yard waste, such as sticks, limbs, etc. Adhering to these rules will help to have everyone’s leaves picked up in a timelier manner.

For questions or more details, call the Street & Alley Shed at 594-5211 or City Hall at 594-2468.

Thank you for your cooperation.