• Public Library
    The Case-Halstead Library is located at 550 6th Street The Case-Halstead Public Library provides Carlyle residents with free access to research…

Carlyle Communications Club

The City of Carlyle is excited to announce that we have teamed up with SenText Solutions to bring our City Residents & Visitors another way to stay in the know with everything going on in Carlyle. Depending on what category you may fall into for events happening in the City of Carlyle you can now

Trash & Recycling

Waste Management The City has a contract with Waste Management for Trash & Recycling pick up.  City of Carlyle Route Schedule: • Trash pickup is on Monday & Tuesday • Recycling pickup is on Friday Pickups may run one day behind due to a Holiday.  For questions or for additional information, please contact: Waste Management: 800.989.2783 or visit


Gas Gas services are provided by Ameren Illinois Ameren’s corporate headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri For residential customers, please call 800.755.5000 For business customers, please call 800.363.6805 Or visit the website: ameren.com/illinois   

Street & Alley Department

The Street & Alley Department is located at: 1811 Washington Street Carlyle, IL 62231 Office Number: 618.594.5211 Fax Number: 618.594.5206 Street & Alley Foreman: Larry Peppenhorst lpeppenhorst@carlylelake.com Carlyle Street & Alley Department The Carlyle Street and Alley Department is responsible for the maintenance of Carlyle streets, alleys, sidewalks and drainage systems. The Street and Alley Department has

Water & Sewer Department

The Water & Sewer Department is located at: 151 Jefferson Street Carlyle, IL 62231 Office Number: 618.594.3321 Fax Number: 618.594.7615 Water Distribution Foreman: Joe Behrman jbehrman@carlylelake.com Water Production Foreman: Andy Wennerstrom awennerstrom@carlylelake.com Carlyle Water Department The Kaskaskia River and Carlyle Lake serve as sources of Carlyle’s water supply. A new water treatment plant was completed in

Electric Department

The Electric Department is located at: 501 1st Street Carlyle, IL 62231 Office Number: 618.594.5215 Fax Number: 618.594.5208 Electric Foreman: John Hodapp jhodapp@carlylelake.com Carlyle Electric Department Since October 14, 1901, Carlyle has owned and operated its own electrical power plant and distribution system, providing cost-effective and reliable service to all of its customers. As a member of the

City Hall

Carlyle City Hall is located at: 850 Franklin Street Carlyle, IL 62231 Office Number: 618.594.2468 Fax Number: 618.594.5206 Office Supervisor: Rita Jurgensmeyer rjurgensmeyer@carlylelake.com   Carlyle City Hall City Hall is the central hub for all of our City departments. City Hall is ran by the Mayor, City Administrator, Office Supervisor/Deputy Clerk, and two Office Clerks.  The Aldermen,

MCYL Rules

Mid County Youth League Rules for the 2017 Season 1st – 2nd Boys 1st – 2nd Girls 3rd – 4th Boys 3rd – 4th Girls 5th – 6th Boys 5th – 6th Girls 7th – 8th Boys 7th -8th Girls

Local Financial Institutions

First National Bank of Carlyle The First National Bank of Carlyle is our hometown, locally owned and operated bank. The bank operates two branches in Carlyle: The main bank is located at: 891 Fairfax Street 618-594-2491 The bank branch is located at: 1350 12th Street / Highway 127 618-594-3741 Call Mr. Bryan Marsh or any of

East Water Tower

In December of 2014 the East Water Tower was removed. Below you will find a series of pictures that captures the process.